Novi, MI. Do you remember the first time you evangelized? Did you feel unprepared? Perhaps you felt like you said the wrong thing and doubted that you should even be out there? Most of us probably struggled with self-doubt when we first went out to share the gospel. Then you might empathize with the evangelist in today’s story. It’s a testimony from one of our students at the new onsite School of Evangelization in Michigan. We have them make a written record of their first time evangelizing so we can encourage them in the good areas, and help them in areas they may be lacking. To be honest, we think this evangelist did a great job!


The following report comes from one of our onsite School of Evangelization students in Novi, MI:

As we were leaving the hairdresser I was moved to give Christine the Miraculous Medal. Christine is a lukewarm Catholic. She believes in God and knows some of her faith. She and her husband seldom go to church. As I gave her the medal she broke into tears and said “no you deserve this.” So I explained the medal to her. She was aware of the medal being given by Mary to St. Catherine. She was not aware of the medal being associated with miracles. Christine was in tears to think I would give her the medal. She still tried to give it back. So I showed her the Miraculous Medal I wear. I told her I received it from my father in law when he died. I shared with her my father in laws miracle he received shortly after receiving his Miraculous Medal. I told her “I will continue to pray for you and your husband.” My hope and prayers are for them to enter into their faith by receiving the graces from the sacrament of reconciliation and more importantly receiving the Body & Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christine is a good person who can be even better in the eyes of the Most Holy Trinity.

Praised be Jesus Christ! In your kindness, please keep all of these students in your prayers. They will be the next generation of evangelists to join us on the street and need our spiritual support.