Phoenix, AZ.  We’ve heard that some Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Catholics are like low hanging fruit, easy to pick off. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are actually former Catholics who simply did not understand the faith. They need to be challenged and invited back, which is exactly what the evangelist in today’s story does.


The following report comes from Dave and our Phoenix East Valley team:

I went out to join a neighboring SPSE team, but signals were crossed and the other team had canceled. Still the Lord had something in mind. I didn’t set up an official table, but sat on a bench and prayed for a while and then was prompted by the Holy Spirit to engage the two Jehovah Witness ladies near our usual setup spot. The one lady Dianna was formerly a Catholic so the Holy Spirit was giving me boldness and I focused on the Authority of the Church, Divinity of Christ, Real Presence, the Blessed Trinity, and the origins of the Bible. At one point, I mentioned to her that my heart was aching that she left Jesus who was truly present in the Eucharist.

I tried to be as respectful and loving as I could be as I spoke the truth and mentioned Galatians 1:8. Obviously the Jehovah’s Witness gospel and the gospel of the Catholic Church can’t both be true. I don’t remember everything I said, and that is good because it hopefully means the Holy Spirit was talking for me. I gave her my card to continue the dialogue any time, and she accepted. God surely doesn’t disappoint when we respond to his promptings.

So as it turns out, I was supposed to be there this morning but not for the reasons I initially thought! Please pray for Dianna and her conversion back to our Holy and Apostolic Church. “O Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a font of mercy for us, I trust in you”

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank God this evangelist didn’t “abandon ship” when he found out the original event was cancelled. Let’s pray that Dianna opens her heart back up to the truth. And know that each one of us can learn the beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as they are quite open about their doctrine. If we take a little time to study them, we’ll be ready for an encounter like the one we read about today.