Gaithersburg, MD. SPSE gives away rosaries and medals, because no one should be charged for the truth of Jesus. The gospel, the Holy Eucharist, Church teaching all comes from God’s abundant, life-giving, and free love. Some people are shocked when they see us giving away these beautiful Catholic items. If you ever encounter this, a good response might be, “As they say, the best things in life are truly free!”


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The following report comes from evangelist Nancy and our Gaithersburg team:

Deacon Mike and I went out this past Wednesday and had many beautiful encounters. It is so amazing to see so many Protestants come up to us asking for rosaries. I do believe Our Lady is trying to draw them into the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith. We feel so privileged to be able to offer everyone the beautiful literature provided by SPSE, especially the crosses and Miraculous Medals. Many of them are astonished and ask if it is actually free because it is so beautiful.

We gave these to a beautiful french-speaking woman from the Ivory Coast in Africa who has a deep love for her Catholic faith and could not believe that we were offering all of the complimentary material. Deacon Mike was able to share the beauty of the faith with a Methodist woman who was very interested why we were there. People are hungry to hear that they can receive the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist which is the greatest treasure that we have.

Please pray for Joshua, James and Crystal who are young adults and were very glad to receive information about the faith, that they will follow through. I talked to Jason who believes in a “higher power”, that God would reveal Himself personally to him. Deacon Mike and I
prayed with Dana that God would provide a job for her and for a Chinese lady who is unchurched and was given the Good News and Salvation pamphlet, that God would draw her to Himself.

Praised be Jesus Christ! If you run into someone who asks “what’s the catch?” when showing them love or giving them a rosary or Miraculous Medal, make sure to remind them that you’re just sharing the love and generosity that comes from God!