Tampa, FL. When there isn’t much foot traffic or people simply aren’t responding to your evangelization efforts, it may be time to consider moving on and trying another location. The important thing is to remain open to what God is asking you and your team to do. If the Lord desires you to move to another spot, He’ll let you know. Just continue to pray, listen, and reflect on if your current location is bearing good fruit.


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The following report comes from our SPSE team in Tampa, FL:

Today we tried a new location in Tampa — Ballast Point Park. Reuben, Suzanne, Joe and I spent a wonderful day at this beautiful bayside park with a great pier. The park was bustling but the traffic near our table was light, so we decided to do trips around the playgrounds and pier to get the interaction we needed to evangelize. Here are just a few of our encounters:

After receiving a Miraculous Medal, one young woman told us, “You don’t know how much this means to me. God brought you to me.” She explained she was going through some rough times and just lost the cross she always wore around her neck.

Suzanne talked to Frank who was very distraught over separation from his family. She prayed with him for his two young daughters. She also prayed with Carlos for a successful recovery of open heart surgery.

Essence was a student at a Catholic HS, but was not herself Catholic. She was reading her Bible, but did not want a rosary. She at first declined a Miraculous Medal too, but after hearing the story she changed her mind and took one.

Praised be Jesus Christ! It was a relaxing day of evangelization at Ballast Point Park, although it was certainly busy. We pray that this new location for evangelization allows us to reach many souls for Christ!