Berkeley, CA. A religious habit is considered a sacramental, just like a rosary or medal. It is an outward sign that disposes those who see it (and the wearer) to receive graces. And the graces were flowing in today’s story.


The following report comes to us from evangelist David and our SPSE team in Berkeley, CA:

The culture of Berkeley, California is an eclectic one. We have open minded college students, “know it all” college students, fallen away Christians, devout Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, hardened secularists and those who have just gone mad, due to substance abuse, actual mental illness or just reading too much Nietzshe. But almost everyone pauses when they see a man or woman in a religious habit.

Brother Chrysostom, O.P., and Fr. John were able to join us at the Shattuck Ave. BART station today. It was great to watch Br. C work. He made his final vows with the Dominicans this past May. Br. C’s focus was on salvation and Jesus. Because of his habit, people seemed more curious and interested in engaging with him.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray that we reach more souls who are immersed in this evil culture of death. And hopefully in the future we’ll get even more religious to come out and join all of our SPSE chapters as a witness to the truth of Our Lord, the Holy Catholic Church, and the Last Things: death, judgment, heaven and hell.