Youngstown, OH. Many dioceses in America have a ministry day to encourage the various ministries in the church and help them address challenges. Since evangelization is one of those ministries, you’ll often see a SPSE booth at these events helping encourage evangelization committees to get involved with us, or to deepen their involvement. Today’s story shows how our evangelists can minister to the ministers!


The following report comes to us from evangelist Deacon Jim in Youngstown, OH:

We ran an SPSE table at the Diocese of Youngstown Ministry Day. It was a wonderful experience for me and my first-time co-evangelist, Lauri. It was not uncommon to hear from attendees that they have heard SPSE PSAs on Catholic radio. Many were interested in how they can incorporate an evangelization team into their parish strategy. While at the table, Jackie, the presenter for “Freedom in Scripture and Sacrament: Addressing Addiction” stopped by the table. We talked briefly and she asked, “Do you do that?” as she pointed to the prayer station sign. She was going to give her presentation very soon and wanted to pray now. I had the privilege of praying, hands extended over her, for the Holy Spirit to fill her and be moving in the meeting room as she presented on the spiritual dimensions of addiction and the ways the faith community can accompany those in recovery.

A kind lady came up and she was one of the few that actually asked for a rosary. (Didn’t hand out many on Saturday, since most attendees told me they already had one.) Gracie has two granddaughters in college and they are at that age where their faith has wavered a bit. They get together often and Gracie wanted to help them with the method, meaning, and the powerful prayer it is. She took rosaries for both granddaughters along with the How to Pray the Rosary brochures. We prayed together for her and both granddaughters before she headed off to her next session. A woman named Mary stopped by and also wanted a rosary and a couple the rosary brochures. Her sister, Elizabeth was recently released from the hospital for cancer treatment and back home recovering. Elizabeth received a rosary in the hospital and Mary needed one for herself so they could pray together. We said a prayer together for Elizabeth’s healing from the disease and the special blessing the two continue to be for each other.

I had a really super experience with Pat of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (Austintown) who stopped by the table and picked up some prayer cards and literature. He inquired of the SPSE method and was aware of it from radio PSAs. I told him about the way we have used it at our parish (rural setting) events and how urban street corner evangelists conduct it (using Joann’s great stories from her podcast interview). He was excited to hear that it can be used in the urban setting and is interested in using it in Youngstown. Pat is fired up for the Faith and is very active in his parish. Also chatted with Br. Dominic from the Society of St. Paul (no relation to SPSE) who is the Production Asst. of CTNY (Catholic Television Network of Youngstown). Our table was adjacent to theirs. We talked about a variety of faith-related topics, and Br. Dominic noted that he would like to get SPSE PSAs in a digital format for CTNY since the network is updating its format.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please keep all those who minister to others in your prayers, that Our Lord may sustain them in their critical work.