Las Vegas, NV. It’s unclear why airplanes are a place where strangers wind up making connections. Perhaps it’s because there’s simply nothing else to do. Or maybe it’s because some become nervous when flying, and conversation helps to ease anxiety. Whatever the case may be, evangelists often have a captive audience when flying. Something to keep in mind as we travel in the new year.



The following report comes to us from Br. John and the St. Paul Society of Evangelists:

A few days ago I was flying back to Detroit from spending Christmas with my family. I found my seat on the airplane, and immediately asked the gentleman next to me how he was doing. He introduced himself as Tony and we began to chat about our trips. He mentioned he lost his mom recently and I shared about how I lost my dad but how believing in God helped me get through the rough time. Tony is Catholic and the same age as me. We were able to relate to each other when talking about how we grew up and how important it is to live moral lives. I asked Tony if he talks to God and he said he prays but was not familiar with God speaking back to him. I explained how God is speaking to us all the time and led him through a prayer exercise. He was so thankful and amazed that God would have us sit next to each other because it was just what he needed. We ended up talking the whole flight and as we landed I closed with a prayer that he would grow in his faith and know Jesus better, for his late mother, and that he would have a blessed time in Las Vegas.

Praised be Jesus Christ! We bless and thank God for seeing us all through the difficult times in our lives. May we never forget His steadfast kindness to us!