Lagos, Nigeria. While it’s true that our SPSE team is in Lagos, it’s worth noting that they are specifically in a city of Lagos called Lekki. Lekki is a naturally formed peninsula, and is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. A beautiful city, with so many kind, caring and beautiful people, as you’ll see in today’s story.



The following report comes to us from team leader Randy (Dallas, TX) and Sean (Tempe, AZ) on assignment in Lagos, Nigeria:

The third day was devoted to Team Leader Training and some evangelization. Sean and I did a panel discussion of the questions and answers to the Participant’s Workbook. It went very well. Sean asked the questions and I gave the answers and then we both filled in with “war stories”. It kept things interesting and moving along. Although not part of the schedule after the first session, we prayed with about 20 people for healing and other needs. Three people I prayed for were healed of various ailments including eyesight, knee pain, foot pain, and shoulder pain. One person, Sean prayed for reported healing. We finally had to stop to get things organized for street evangelism with Miraculous Medals.

The Miraculous Medals were a huge hit. Everyone wanted a bunch and loved giving them out fearlessly. One group went to a strip center and gave them out to people in the parking lot. I gave one to a Catholic young man in a coffee shop. I prayed with him for the healing of hip and leg pain after obtaining from him his desire for the forgiveness of others and repentance of serious sins. God healed him and he was overwhelmed. He promised to go to confession and amend his life. Sean took his group out on the street where they encountered many people. One Pentecostal man accepted a Miraculous Medal and prayer and promised to look into the Catholic Church. The little group Sean was with spoke with too many people to recount.

Back at the hotel on a break, Sean and I received constant requests for Miraculous Medals from hotel staff, which we turned into opportunities to proclaim the Gospel and repentance. The evening session of Team Leader Training went well and was a little tighter than the morning session, using the same Q & A format. We asked for questions from the audience after each session and answered many. The audience was very patient, attentive, and docile to all that we talked about. Our trip could not be going better. Thank you all for the much-needed prayers. Please continue to pray for us!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Make sure to check back with Stories from the Street on Monday, when we’ll hear about how our team’s talk on Apologetics went!!