Lagos, Nigeria. When we evangelize, it is all about serving Our Lord and helping people come to a knowledge of the love of God. But oftentimes, we who evangelize grow in faith from the outings. That’s certainly the case with Randy and Sean’s trip to Nigeria so far.


The following report comes to us from team leader Randy (Dallas, TX) and Sean (Tempe, AZ) on assignment in Lagos, Nigeria:

Today Randy and Sean did a quick recap of the first three days training (BET, Healing Prayer and Building a Street Team) before giving the One Good Reason talk. Once again both evangelists were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception of this training (and it was another large crowd).

Afterward, 12 teams of about 4 people each went out to different locations to evangelize in the street. Sean’s team spoke with a homeless man who has been to Mass but does not currently practice any faith. We spoke with him, told him about Jesus and His love for us, invited him to church and gave him a Crucifix, a Miraculous Medal and a St. Terese medal all on a chain. Additionally, we spoke with an Anglican man who did not see the divisions in the church as being a problem. We explained how Jesus founded the Catholic Church and invited him to join the one true church. He listened but did not respond to this information. However, he did let us pray for him. Randy took a group to an adjacent street and talked with a family living in poverty in a makeshift shed. They gave Miraculous Medals to all and shared the Gospel with them and invited them to visit the Catholic church a block away. Randy later gave Miraculous Medals to three teenagers and shared the Gospel with them and prayed for them for faith.

To conclude the day Randy and Sean repeated the morning session with a variation on One Good Reason by having the audience share their Many Good Reasons. Lots of audience participation made this really fun. Then Sean shared the One Good Reason program with them and invited the audience to read the materials on their own. Randy and Sean are blessed to be a part of this project and both men are growing in faith as a result of the experience. God is good!

Praised be Jesus Christ!