Novi, MI. Part of the training we offer our students with the onsite School of Evangelization is actual, hands-on sharing of the gospel. Having experienced evangelists go out with them and talk to people about Jesus helps model for them what an actual encounter looks like. Our student did quite well during this outing, boldly stepping out and sharing what he believed God had put on his heart.




The following report comes to us from George, one of our students from the onsite school of evangelization in Novi, MI:

We met as a small group at Twelve Oaks Mall to evangelize and also to practice with Power Evangelization which was discussed and taught at our most recent class. There were four of us present, so after prayer and calling upon The Holy Spirit to be with us and guide us, we separated into two groups of two. Bob and I began to walk through the mall.

After a little while, Bob approached a gentleman and offered him a Miraculous Medal and began a conversation with him. John was raised as a Jehovah’s witness, but was very receptive to the message Bob was sharing with him. So as to not crowd John, I stood off to the side and began to think about what was taught in our recent class: “let the Holy Spirit speak to you and ask for a word for their life. Even if it seems strange, share that word and see if it resonates with that person”. I did not immediately receive a word, rather an image of a young toddler girl, maybe about 3-4 years old. Even though it seemed odd, when the opportunity came so not to disturb their conversation, I asked John if he had a daughter? His reply was no, but the image persisted, so I asked if he possibly had a niece? He replied, “Yes.” The words from that point just started to come out from the thoughts in my head (hopefully the Holy Spirit). How old is your niece? He answered, “four”. Are you like a hero to her? I mean does she look up to you? His eyes opened wider with excitement and quickly answered “Yes, we are very close”. He was surprised and interested as to where this was going and/or coming from. I explained to him that I was praying to The Holy Spirit and that He felt it important to give me this message that related to his niece–the influence and importance of our own spiritual growth, how we live our lives, our relationship with Jesus, affects others, specifically his niece. This life is much bigger than ourselves and encouraged him to consider the conversation with Bob and to pursue Jesus further. Honestly, I am not fully certain of everything I said to John, as the words just started to flow out from The Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ! What a powerful lesson The Holy Spirit taught in today’s story, reminding John (and all of us) of our influence on others in this life. Let’s always make sure that in all we do, we’re pointing others to Christ.