Gaithersburg, MD. The word of God is different than other printed text. As Hebrews 4:12 tells us, “…the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.” God’s word seemed to move within the two men that our evangelist spoke to today and touch them in some way.



The following report comes to us from evangelist Nancy in Gaithersburg, MD:

As my husband and I ventured out on Wednesday, I was thinking about how the Proclamation of the Word spoken to me transformed my life. It is such a mystery how this creative word of power can convict, comfort and change hearts. It truly is living and active. I experienced this in two interactions with some young adults. The first one was called Eli. As I offered him a Miraculous Medal and asked him if he needed prayers for anything in particular, he shared with me how he just moved from Alabama and wanted to settle in this area. I asked him if he belonged to any particular church and he said he went to a Catholic high school in Alabama but was a non-denominational now. I asked him if he had a good experience going to the Catholic high school and he said yes. I shared with him my witness and how I have a greater love for my Catholic faith, especially the Eucharist. He was very open to hearing about my experience and wanted a list of churches in the area and also the Baptism, Eucharist and Why Be Catholic pamphlets. His bus arrived at that time and he thanked me for offering him a good faith community he could plug into. Please pray Eli will follow through.

The second encounter was with LeRoy. I asked him if he has ever heard the good news of the gospel and he wasn’t sure what that was. I asked him if he was baptized and he said his family are Jehovah’s Witnesses. I immediately thought about what they believed about Jesus, that he is not really the Son of God. I shared with him about the Trinity as a community of persons who want to share their life with us, how man fell away from this initial relationship with his Creator and Jesus came as the Incarnate Son of God to save us and bring us back to the Father. I gave him pamphlets on the Trinity, the Good News, Why Be Catholic and Baptism. He actually said he would like to read all of them. I went back to the table and thought I should give him a Miraculous Medal and cross, but when I went back to the bus booth he was in, he was not there. A lady who had been listening to our conversation pointed me to where he was as he was in line for the bus and I was able to give them to him. I believe there are angels helping us minister to people as this lady was so eager to help me. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will touch LeRoy with the truth of the gospel and he will come to know the love of the Father personally for him.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Let’s keep proclaiming God’s word and His love, and simply pray that all the people we talk to are receptive to it.