Sterling Heights, MI. Besides Holy Scripture, God can speak to us interiorly, in something resembling a calm, quiet whisper. As we read in 1 Kings 19, “…after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” We must always be ready to hear and obey that whisper if and when it comes, as our evangelist did in today’s story. Thankfully he was able to provide great comfort to a grieving widow.



The following report comes to us from Br. John with the St. Paul Society of Evangelists:

As I was about to pull out from the parking lot at church I saw someone praying in front of Our Lady at the grotto. I heard faintly in my spirit, “Give her a medal.” I hesitated for a minute, but told myself, “no, just do it.” So I put the car in park and strung a medal, hoping that she would not leave yet. As I walked toward her she got up to leave. I called out to her and said “Hey, I think Mary wants me to give you this medal!” As I placed it in her hands she broke into tears and was so thankful because she just lost her young husband.

We then introduced ourselves. “Kay” and I talked for a bit, and then I asked if I could put my hand on her shoulder to pray for her. She agreed, so we asked for the peace of Christ to come upon her. Then we prayed for Jesus to be present to her and let her know that everything was going to be alright. “Kay” said she hadn’t felt this much peace for a long time. We prayed to give all to Jesus including her late husband, Timothy. She said it felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders and couldn’t express just how thankful she was for this encounter and knew it was God working. She imagined Jesus in a bright light hugging her husband and it filled her with joy. I was also very joyful over this. I gave her my card and encouraged her to contact me for prayer anytime because we are the body of Christ and God wants us to console and build each other up, and now she must do the same. With a big hug, I assured her of Jesus’ love, mercy, and conquering over death.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Let us as one body pray for the repose of the soul of Timothy and his dear family he leaves behind.