Philadelphia, PA. True followers of Christ want the best for everyone. To live a life of discipline, self-sacrifice, and charity rooted in the Catholic church and her teachings. But God has given each of us the tremendous gift and responsibility of free will, which means we can choose to do something other than what is best. Today’s story from the street features a father who knows the pain of having children who don’t live up to their potential. This story might give us some insight into how God feels when we, his children, so often fall short of our potential by choosing to sin.



The following report comes to us from evangelist Nancy with the Lower Bucks County team in Philadelphia, PA:

A man named Carlos was walking by and was pleased to accept a crucifix to wear. He was curious about what church we belonged to and why we were in the train station. He had a map for the Big Bus tour in Philly and we showed him where the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul was, and told him how all are welcome and that it was a beautiful place. We spoke of how our home churches were in Bucks County but the church for the whole Archdiocese of Philadelphia was this cathedral. He thought that it might cost money to go in and we assured him that it would not. Carlos wanted to pray for direction in his life. He told us about his work in a meat packing plant, which was quite laborious and dangerous. Carlos spoke of his step children who did not want to work despite the fact that they were able bodied adults. He said they were always asking him for money but were unwilling to work. We all spoke about how we can show our kids by example and teach them right from wrong, but in the long run we are all given free will to live our lives as we choose. We spoke about how God gave us His commandments to teach us how to live in peace, hope and joy together, and that the next day, Sunday, we were to give God his Holy Day, the Lord’s day, by praising Him and worshiping Him at Mass.

We spoke with so many people on this day with great struggles. Please pray for Dana and her two little boys Jameer and Sincere – for Dana’s complete healing from her breast cancer and for the boy’s good health and happy lives. Also keep Mark in your prayers. He is a 40 year old father of four, divorced and homeless with severe health problems and horrific childhood. Please pray for his healing and for his brother and children to love him. In addition, please pray for Eugenia for complete healing of spinal injury from her car accident and for the perpetrator to show kindness instead of hate. For Anthony, that his Mom Louise may be healed and walk again. We pray for Carlos and direction in his life, for Susan and Charles, for their loving marriage, for Sam and his life, for personal growth for Reggie and to find a home, for Tony that he’ll find a home and job, for Lewis and his wellness, for Jerry, Joel and Kenny, who are homeless, for Rich and his wellness, and finally for Marcellas, who wishes for peace among all peoples of the world.

Praised be Jesus Christ!