• London, Ontario, Canada team leader
• With SPSE since July 2019 •

The London Ontario team is a brand new team Laura stated the fall 2019 in rural St Thomas Ontario Canada. There are around 10 members of the team that are passionate about sharing their love for Christ and His Church. They have already gone on 4 outings and have big plans for 2020!

– What motivates me to evangelize?

I grew up Catholic attending weekly Mass with my family, sadly my spiritual life took quite the U turn in my young adult life into very secular existence. As the years went on my heart grew more and more restless longing for something. Through God’s mercy he allowed me to encounter him and his incredible love for me through the Church which rocked my world! Knowing what life is without a relationship with the Lord and having been brought back into relationship with him is always central to my desire to share Jesus with others. There is nothing more exciting to me that to see others encounter the Lord and his love. “You have made us for yourself, O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” St Augustine

– What is the relationship between evangelization and your spiritual life?

I believe evangelization flows directly from my spiritual life. As I continue to grow in the spiritual life the more aware I have become that without him I can accomplish nothing, let alone change someone’s heart. As I grow in attuning my ears to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and act or speak in obedience he can and does work wonders!