Warren, MI. There something about shopping markets and malls that lends itself well to evangelizing. While people are busy purchasing food for the week or clothes, it’s usually nothing so urgent that they can’t stop and talk for a few minutes. And sometimes those few minutes can change their lives forever.



The following report comes to us from Br. John with the St. Paul Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

I was at Walmart again, this time looking for spices to cook with. There was another man looking as well, so I casually made conversation saying, “these aren’t cheap!” He chuckled and agreed. We kept looking and shared some more small talk. I started to leave and said, “God bless ya!” As I pushed the shopping cart away, something made me stop. And I’m glad I did.

I turned around and asked, “Hey, do you need prayer for anything?” I mentioned that I love to pray for people. He then walked toward me and said “I’m so glad you asked! I wish I could pray for people like that too because we really need it.” He then took my hand and I asked him for his name. He said his name was “Bird”. So I said prayers of blessing for Bird and for the Holy Spirit to give him the courage to proclaim the name of Jesus. He was so thankful, and when we looked up there was now a woman standing there watching and she said that was so beautiful! I said thank you and that God’s blessing her too. We then continued about our shopping in Walmart.

Praised be Jesus Christ!