Detroit, MI. There is no bad place to evangelize. Because our God is ready and willing to speak to His children who have strayed wherever they’re at, if only they would stop and listen. Thankfully the woman in today’s story was willing to talk about God and receive prayer from our evangelist.



The following report comes to us from Br. John from our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

I went to pick up some car parts at the auto store the other day. Outside I saw a lady, so I smiled and said, “Good morning”. Once inside, I grabbed the parts I needed and went to pay for them. When I got to the register, I noticed it was the same lady I’d seen outside. She began explaining something about the car part I was purchasing, and then mumbled something. When I asked her what she’d said, she responded, “Oh, I was just talking to myself.” I said, “That’s OK. I do that as well.” Then I added that I actually talk to God and she said “I do too!” I mentioned that I don’t actually speak out loud, although I heard it’s really good to do so I’m trying more.

During the transaction I noticed her neck looked stiff and wondered if I should ask to pray for it. After the transaction was finished I said “Hey do you guys need prayer for anything? I love to pray for people.” (Her coworker was next to her but I went for it anyway.) The cashier said “Yes, I do”, and so did her coworker! I asked her name and she said, “Amber”. I asked what she needs prayer for and she responded, “I don’t know, what do you think?” I inquired if she had any physical issues, and she responded she had stiffness in the neck from sleeping the wrong way. I admitted I’d seen that earlier and was going to ask her. So we proceeded to pray for her neck.

Amber asked if I went to church around here and I indicated that I indeed did. She also went to a Catholic Church but hadn’t taken her kids for a long time. I asked if she goes to church on Sunday and she lamented, “No, I haven’t been for a long time.” I encouraged her saying, “Oh no you should go! It’s good for your kids and you.” She admitted that she knew that. I asked for her contact information and she agreed and provided it. At this point I prepared a Miraculous Medal, a medal card and a gospel card. when she came back I gave her the medal and a quick description. She said, “Oh my I feel chills!” Then when I gave her the cards and explained briefly the gospel she exclaimed, “Oh my I think I’m going to cry thank you so much!” I took her hand and blessed her and she blessed me. Thanks be to God! I’m going to contact her and ask about her neck.

Praised be Jesus Christ!