Renton, WA. Today’s story features a terrific team from just outside of Seattle, St. Stephen the Martyr parish which serves both the Kent & Renton areas. As their homepage states: “Our SPSE team is excited to bring the Gospel of Good News to those we meet in the public square by visiting the local Famer’s Markets, going door to door in our Church neighborhood or sharing with family friends and neighbors. We desire to meet people where they are, share in their needs with prayers and invite people to visit the Catholic Church.We bring the message of how much God loves the world that He gave Jesus His only Son, so that those who believe in Jesus, may be saved.”


The following report comes to us from team leader Jane and our St. Stephen the Martyr Parish team in Kent/Renton, WA:
Our St. Stephen the Martyr SPSE team has had a great time visiting with the Renton community every Tuesday at the Farmers Market in the Plaza. We’ve had wonderful conversations about Our Lord, the Catholic Church and Holy Scripture, and handed out tons of Miraculous Medals and Guardian Angel medals. Many an afternoon have been spent inviting people to pray the Holy Rosary which focuses on the life of Jesus our Savior, providing them with rosaries and pamphlets on how to pray it. We’ve also prayed with people needing encouragement, healing and more faith. It was refreshing that people were happy (and comfortable enough) to stop and share their testimonies and stories.
We offer an apologetics discussion on Sundays from 7 until 8:30 p.m. Our team plans on joining in the Sent4Lent campaign and walking the trails around the Church meeting people who are out and about. (If you live in the area, contact our St. Stephen Kent/Renton team…we’d love to have you join us!)
Praised be Jesus Christ! We hope they continue to have many positive encounters throughout 2020. And we’re excited that they’re choosing to participate in Sent4Lent. If you or your team would like to learn more about Sent4Lent or to get involved, visit our website at