Livonia, MI. It’s pretty amazing the things you’ll find at the dollar store, and the deals that they offer. Usually nothing of great value, but everyday items for a great price. In today’s story, it was just outside the dollar store where our evangelist encountered a veteran who needed some consolation before a big upcoming surgery. While there may have been a few good bargains inside the store, this divinely arranged encounter just outside the store was absolutely priceless.



The following report comes to us from evangelist-in-training Donna with the live School of Evangelization in Novi, MI:

I was leaving a local dollar store last Saturday afternoon, and started chatting with a customer who was coming out of the store. (I had just asked the Lord if He wanted me to evangelize.) The Holy Spirit seemed to be focusing me in on this gentleman, whose name was “Gary”. He was very kind and open. The discussion easily flowed to his personal life–he’s a veteran and is having stress and distractions lately. I asked why, to which he replied he was preoccupied with surgery on his hip. I responded, “I know this sounds weird, but will you accept this card? It’s a Divine Mercy image and Jesus promises graces to those who look/gaze at it. He immediately said “yes” and we discussed St. Faustina a bit more as he was interested.

I then felt the Holy Spirit was prodding me to console him for surgery and so I told “Gary” I have a step-dad who is 92 and just had successful hip surgery. This seemed to put him at ease. I then asked if we could pray quickly over his hip to which he said, “yes!” So, right there in front of the Family Dollar, we prayed for Jesus’ hands to guide the physicians. I then received a word of knowledge…”chair.” I told him, and he responded, “Yes, I like to sit and rest in a chair in the kitchen.” I said, “if you agree to pray in the chair, Jesus will help you through.” We both left peaceful and he seemed more relaxed.

Praised be Jesus Christ!