Warren, MI. Even when His children don’t think they need anything, God is so abundantly good that He still continues to bless them with more. In today’s story, our evangelist was told by the person he was praying for that she has everything she needs from Our Lord. So he simply prayed for joy and a wonderful day for her, with the knowledge that they’ll probably meet again and perhaps he can learn more about her life needs.



The following report comes to us from Br. John from our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

After getting my receipt from the cashier at the gas station, I smiled and asked her, “do you need prayer for anything? I like to pray for people whenever I can.” Thinking I would get rejected, She said, “Oh yes, everyone needs prayer don’t they!” Relieved, I said, “You’re right! Some people actually say no…can you believe it?” I asked what she needed prayer for and she indicated she didn’t really need anything…she has everything she needs from God. I asked about her family and her health, and she said it’s good, thanks be to God. With nothing serious to pray for, I then asked if she was Christian and she said “yes”. She goes to a local parish that I’ve been meaning to visit. I asked again if I could start the prayer for all these things, but first asked for her name, which was “Brianna”.

I said a quick prayer of blessing and that she would have a wonderful day and be filled with joy. For a moment I discerned if I should go any further but felt that was good enough and that I would see her again to get gas. She smiled, thanked me, and blessed me in return.

Praised be Jesus Christ!