Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s often interesting to learn about the history of a parish, especially one like Old St. Patrick in Ann Arbor. Parishioners take pride in their parish, so it’s good for evangelists to know at least the basic history of a parish ahead of time. In it’s over 175 years, Old St. Pat’s has had 31 pastors, at least two names (formerly St. Bridget), and has been under three different dioceses: Detroit, Cincinnati, and now Lansing. Church parishioners have built six church buildings with their own hands.


The following report comes to us from team leader John and evangelists in Ann Arbor, MI:
We’re back once again to preach the gospel to the people at Old St. Patrick during their 42nd Annual Lenten Fish Fry. The fish fry is known as the best in Ann Arbor, with nearly 1,000 people attending each week. A little more background on the parish—this vibrant, faith-filled community on the outskirts of Ann Arbor dates back to 1831 and is the oldest English-speaking parish in Michigan.
Anne, Joe and John showed up to evangelize during the second Friday of Lent. We are really excited about SPSE’s Sent4Lent campaign—most of our evangelists have been inactive for a few months and needed the challenge to get started again. Joe, leader of our team at the University of Michigan, helped coordinate things behind the scenes at Old Saint Pat’s. Despite the crowds and noise, Anne prayed over several people. We prayed with several parishioners, including Bill and his family. Bill’s father passed away a few days earlier and he was struggling with grief. We prayed for the repose of his father and we prayed for consolation of all the family members. The entire family was thankful for our sympathy and our prayers.
We also gave away 50 small bottles of holy water, a great blessing for many people, especially since many churches have removed holy water from their fonts in fear of spreading germs and viruses. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, many people were eager to receive St. Patrick medals and holy cards. Joe and other evangelists will be here at the fish fry every Friday for the rest of Lent. Please pray for our team, Old St. Patrick Parish, and all of the people we encounter at the parish fish fry!
Praised be Jesus Christ!