• Flagstaff, AZ team leader
• With SPSE since 2017 •

Marie completed her Basic training weekend in 2014 as a member of the Legion of Mary in Flagstaff. It was during that time she felt a tug to evangelize. It started with some door to door evangelization. She formed an SPSE team in 2017. We four team members, she went out on the streets about once per month. Currently her team consists of five members and they are in the midst of recruiting at their parish. They still do at least one outing per month and are planning a few more.

– What motivates you to evangelize?

The thing that motivates me to evangelize is Bringing Souls to Christ! I have taken on that mission in my life and it seeps in throughout all that I do. It might be on a plane or a guest in my AirBnB but I can tell you that there is no better “high” in life than bringing someone closer to Christ! Anytime I have the opportunity to share my faith with others and explain how Jesus has blessed me and my family I am filled with joy and people can see that beam of light (Jesus) shine through. When I open myself to the Holy Spirit, it is so freeing. Sometimes I just have to get my good intentions and plans out of the way so God can work.

– How would you encourage someone who is scared to evangelize?

Evangelizing can seem overwhelming when you think of all the people out there hurting and perhaps far from a personal relationship with the Lord. But at those times I like to remember this story: There was an older man walking along the beach and he noticed a young boy throwing starfish into the sea. The man approached the boy and asked what he was doing. The boy answered and said “If I don’t throw these starfish into the sea, they will die”. The man replied, “Yes, but look, there are thousands of starfish. You can’t possibly make a difference!”. The boy then stooped over, picked up one starfish and threw it into the sea and said “I did for that one!”. My advice to you: Go out and spread the Good News! Bringing even ONE soul to the Lord is worth it! And when the day comes and we stand Face to Face with God, all the souls we helped on their journey to heaven will come and surround us. What joy that will be!