Chicago, IL. Jesus told us in Mark 16 to go into all the world and preach the gospel. And our SPSE teams continue to do just as Our Lord commanded, even while COVID-19 has hit almost every corner of the world too. That makes sharing the good news quite a bit more challenging. But as long as our teams use prudence and follow CDC guidelines along with those of their state, having evangelization outings like the one in today’s story is still permissible.


The following report comes to us from team leader and evangelist Mark and our Chicago North Shore team:
On Saturday we gave out 40 rosaries and 10 Miraculous Medals in 2 hours. We prayed over and for people on the streets of downtown Chicago by the famous Chicago Water Tower. We prayed for employment, families, forgiveness, the virus, our country, and the world.
The most memorable were 4 people (2 separate individuals living outside alone on the streets). One was completely overcome by God’s forgiveness after recently having had an abortion. The tears were streaming down her face. Another individual was addicted and looking for the next “hit”. Then there was the person we met who, once we prayed for them, was overwhelmed by peace. And then there was a woman we prayed over who felt heat and vibrations as we prayed for her sight to be healed. So many nice people. So many “thank you’s”. Lord, You are so amazing! Thank you for using us as instruments of your love!
Praised be Jesus Christ!