Jackson, LA. The smallest effort can sometimes have an enormous effect. Just look at today’s story. One of our St. Paul Evangelization online store customers purchased some of our medals and rosaries, and sent them to a friend in a War Vets Home. His friend took it from there, and evangelized many veterans around him, teaching them about the Catholic faith. All thanks to one thoughtful gesture from a friend.


The following report comes to us from John, a customer of our online store, residing in Baton Rouge, LA:
I just purchased from your online store a bulk quantity of St. Benedict Medals and rosaries. After receiving them, I sent some to my friend, Don, who lives in the War Veterans Home, in Jackson, LA. About 40% of the veterans die every year. Right now the Veterans home is locked down. Only the employees are allowed in and out. I gave Don 400 St. Benedict Medals, with about 250 leaflets. He also took about 50 rosaries.
He started passing out the St. Benedict medals at the home, and men began to listen to him about the Catholic Faith. He has a rosary group that Protestants attend and he is teaching the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. He is a lay preacher, but the face of Christ to these men who have no one but each other. Don is 76 years old and in bad health. Without the materials and supplies that we obtained from you, none of this takes place.
Praised be Jesus Christ!