Rochester, MI. Most computers need some kind of antivirus software to keep unwanted viruses from infecting them. Today’s story features an evangelist who offered a different type of antivirus protection in the form of a Miraculous Medal. While it we must always take the necessary practical precautions to keep ourselves safe from infection (hand washing, social distancing, etc.), we can also use sacramentals to remind us of the protection that heaven desires to give us.


The following report comes to us from Michael with our SPSE National team in Warren, MI:
While out grocery shopping with my father, I had to pick up some cigarettes from the gas station across the street for my mom while he waited in line to be rung up. After noticing earlier that I had a Miraculous Medal in my pocket (but no explanatory card), I was determined to give it away and explain the special protection it has held in the early 1800’s against a cholera epidemic in Paris. I thought this was a rather timely topic, considering the recent COVID-19 outbreak was on everyone’s minds.
I got in line, eventually getting my turn came to purchase the cigarettes, and then we made some small talk about the cigarettes as he finished the transaction. After he handed me the bag, I reached into my pocket and asked him if I could give him something. He agreed, and I showed him the medal which had been placed on a chain, and began telling him about the special protection that the Miraculous Medal had provided for people in the past. I told him that almost two centuries ago, those who devoutly wore the medal around their necks were either spared or alleviated from the cholera epidemic. While I certainly hope I didn’t give him the impression that it was the only needed protection to keep him safe from the Coronavirus, the medal had kept those who wore it safe in the past and could possibly do so today.
I told him it was a medal of Jesus’ mom, Mary (he seemed to know who she was), and appeared grateful for the gift. He even tried to put it on while I was standing there. I could also sense that the young employee behind him was listening to our conversation. If only I had brought another medal! I departed telling him to look up the Miraculous Medal on the internet for more (since I didn’t have the card, nor did I have the time to stay and talk).
Praised be Jesus Christ!