Phoenix, AZ. The Coronavirus seems to have taken over the world. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t go out and evangelize. We just have to be a little more creative. Today’s story features a team who found a great way to spread the gospel and yet obey CDC directives.


The following report comes to us from Susan and our Northwest Phoenix team in AZ:
On Sunday, three members of the Phoenix Northwest team did a trial outing using a “drive-by” form of evangelization. (As in, we stand in place proclaiming God’s love as they drive by!) The team made signs of encouragement and faith and stood on a usually busy downtown street corner.
The response was fantastic β€” horns honked, waves, smiles, thumbs up, kisses blown and shouts of gratitude abounded. We kept our six feet of distance from each other, and gave the random passersby space as needed to be safe from COVID transmission. Two pedestrians actually bowed to us (well really for Christ, we think).
One of these men pointed to our sign β€œGod is with Us” and said, β€œIt’s true.” A homeless man named John sang a hymn for us. The plan is to try to do this again, depending on what the future holds for Phoenix in the near term. We also said three rosaries while we were out there sharing the truth: Love is Jesus.
Praised be Jesus Christ!