Northbrook, IL. They say “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This past weekend, one of our team’s saw a need that wasn’t being filled, and did their part to address it. With many slowly losing hope due to Coronavirus fears, one of our SPSE teams went out and used beautiful religious art, flowers, and even an American flag to hopefully restore some of that hope, along with vocal prayer (said at a distance, of course.)


The following report comes to us from team leader Mark with our North Shore team in Chicago, IL:
Sometimes we get stressed to where we don’t see hope. The Coronavirus has put fear into many people. So we went out and prayed over my town, Northbrook. We drove to three nursing homes, the police station, two firehouses, Glenbrook Hospital, throughout town and to the Village Hall. People were waving and even stopping to take photos. One tracked us to the Shermer Firehouse with big thumbs up and thank yous. Another lady waved at us through Crestwood Place from the 3rd floor thanking us for doing this.
We didn’t come within 10 feet of anyone except one policeman who thanked us for doing this. Unfortunately we didn’t see any institutions bringing hope to those who need it so we decided to do something about it. This has been seen via video to people around the world already. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mary!
Praised be Jesus Christ!