Orlando, FL. It’s sad when we come across people who are participating in New Age practices simply because they don’t know any better. Sadly, there is a price to pay for dabbling in things like crystals, since they are often used to invoke spiritual powers outside of God. In Hosea 4:6, he tells us, “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge.” Today’s story features a woman who, unbeknownst to her, sought healing through crystals. Thankfully our evangelist was there to help guide her towards true healing from Our Lord. PLEASE NOTE: This story took place a little over one week before the COVID-19 virus started spreading, which is why our evangelists are out freely speaking with people.



The following report comes to use from urban missionary Christina in Orlando, FL:
This week a fellow evangelist and I visited the Orlando Outlets and struck up a conversation with a woman who was selling some beautiful crosses from the Holy Land. She began to tell us about where she was from (New England), how she attended Mass at the shrine next door, and some of her favorite crosses she sold. She pointed to a specific cross with crystals inside, and mentioned how much she likes crystals. This lead us into a discussion about the potential danger of healing crystals.
I explained to her that while crystals are very pretty, God sent his Son to be our mediator and healer. All of creation simply pointed to a divine creator, while it is God himself who desires to heal us. She wasn’t familiar with where the nature of healing comes from (since we as Catholics do not believe in superstitions like that), so I began explaining how Jesus miraculously healed many people throughout his ministry as written in the gospels. I asked her if she had ever seen a miracle and shared a story about a miraculous healing that comes from the Lord. She began telling me a story of a horrible accident that she went through with her husband a few years back and how she began to search for spiritual healing and going back to her Catholic roots. She had a good recovery (it was a miracle her and her husband lived) after many stitches, surgeries, and braces. She shared how her husband was still recovering.
I gave her two Miraculous Medals with the cards and we prayed with her (since she needed to get back to work.) We asked for her complete healing, spiritual protection from the Enemy, and a continued desire to learn more about her faith with her husband. She thanked us and happily wore her medal around her neck.
Praised be Jesus Christ!