Snellville, GA. Our SPSE teams are still striving to evangelize, even with all the restrictions in place across the United States and the world. Today’s story features a team that got creative and utilized technology to reach out to struggling souls.


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The following report comes to use from team leader Robert with our St. Oliver Plunkett team near Atlanta, GA:

The SPSE Ministry at St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church in Snellville, GA (just east of Atlanta) sensed it was called by the Holy Spirit to reach out to several members of the Church. So we decided to form an online webinar to share faith discussion and conduct a Bible study about fears we are encountering during this pandemic. The Bible study was an outreach of the same Bible study as presented on

With the technology of Skype, we set up an online meeting one evening and shared Scripture and discussions. Clearly due to the shelter in place restrictions, we long for face to face interaction. The death of a prayer partner was revealed during our discussion and this left a large hole in one member’s heart. But it was through dialogue and sharing Scripture that we were able to offer a calming presence for this member to ease her grief. As Fr. Benedict Groeschel has said – “A day shouldn’t go by without you thinking about eternity. Before this evening is over your life may cease.” We are living for eternity, not for this life. We shared several passages addressing fear and anxiety. They included Matthew 6:25, Psalm 28;8, Proverbs 24:10, Luke 12:30-31, Ephesians 3:17 and 1Peter 5:7. As we discussed each passage, the Holy Spirit directed our conversation to the next passage. It was a moving discussion with kindness and compassion shared by all.

The Lord loves us, this is the source of our strength and we are asked to reaffirm it each day. God brings good out of all things. May those suffering during this time from illness, loneliness, fear or anxiety find strength in the Lord, and may they reach out to others and know they are not ever alone. We are meeting online each Wednesday at 7 p.m. and welcome others to join us.

Praised be Jesus Christ!