Madison Heights, MI. In the 1980’s surfer subculture of America, the phrase “catch some rays” was coined, which means that a person is going to relax in the sunshine. We all know how comforting “catching some rays” can be, especially if we’ve had several days of clouds or have been stuck inside our homes for an extended period of time. However, there are other rays we can catch that are even more comforting than those of the sun. If we look closely at the front of the Miraculous Medal, we’ll see rays of light emanating from Our Lady’s hands. These represent graces that she is very eager to give those who wear her medal and pray to her. In today’s story, several people accepted Miraculous Medals, and whether they know it or not, are deeply longing for the rays of peace and joy that flow from Our Lady’s hands, represented in the Miraculous Medal. May they catch the rays of Our Lady and receive the ultimate comfort of knowing of her motherly affection for them.


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The following report comes to us from evangelist Michael and the SPSE National team in Warren, MI:

My friend James texted me on Holy Thursday and asked if I had any Miraculous Medals left. (I had given him one last year, and mentioned that SPSE hands them out as an evangelization tool.) I responded indicating that I did have some left, and proceeded to drive to his house to drop off the 30+ Miraculous Medals on chains along with the accompanying explanatory card.

Since then, James, who is a musician and cantor for St. Mary in Royal Oak, has handed them out to his friends, Noelle, Tom, and Betty. Noelle is a Catholic woman, who has been watching multiple Masses every day online during the quarantine, and was grateful for the medal. Tom and Betty are Protestants who stopped by James’ house to pick them up and prayed with him after receiving the medals. James also plans to hand them out to his friends who are nurses at a local hospital and are on the front line battling the Coronavirus. He recently helped them start a prayer group at the hospital and said he’d try to get Miraculous Medals for them. (It should be noted that James had shown great caution when I met with him in obeying the guidelines set forth by the CDC, making sure to keep a safe distance.)

Praised be Jesus Christ!