Tempe, AZ. In the Catholic Church we celebrate Easter for eight days, also known as the Easter Octave. Most people think Easter is only Sunday, and then go back to their normal lives. But there are so many graces that God wants to bestow on us, he spreads it out over eight days! Our team in today’s story wanted to help bestow those graces to the world, so they went out with signs in hand and told their city of God’s love.


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The following report comes to use from team leader Sean with our team in Tempe, AZ:

On Easter Saturday, three evangelists (myself included) hit the streets again just like we did on Good Friday to encourage the people of Tempe that God is still with us. We held up signs and crucifixes, trying to remind folks driving by of God’s love, and let them know that we’re praying for them.

We also made sure to stand at least six feet apart in keeping with the government’s social distancing guidelines. While we are told to share God’s unfathomable mercy and love, we are also called to be prudent.

Praised be Jesus Christ!