Boise, ID. The evangelist in today’s story recently lamented to her spiritual director that she is no longer able to bring Christ to the streets due to government health restrictions. Her spiritual director responded to her, saying, “Prayer, too, is evangelization.” Indeed he is right! Let us all continue to pray for lost souls out there, that Christ may bring them back into the fold.


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The following report comes to use from evangelist Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

At least two of us prayed together, separately last week. We continue to pray for “the lost” – those who no longer even perceive their need for Our Savior, due to the spiritual blindness caused by bitterness or sin. We continue to pray for Catholics who were attending Mass out of mere habit, but had lost touch with the amazing spiritual realities hidden within the symbols. They may be in danger of not coming back once we are allowed to attend Mass again.

We continue to pray for an end to the pandemic, for those ill due to the virus, and for the safety of those caring for them. We also pray for God’s mercy for, and the happy repose of the thousands of souls who have died from the disease. We also pray for those experiencing financial difficulties and life-threatening want in the aftermath of the global crisis. And, for the leaders whom God has allowed to rise to power, we pray for wisdom.

We experience heartfelt gratitude for the partial re-opening of some church buildings again, in places where the number of new infections have dropped. Last week during our usual session time, at least two of us prayed 20 decades of the Rosary. We plan to do so again today along with some special Divine Mercy devotions. Please pray with us, as many souls are in more danger than ever. Please ask God to grant them the grace to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. Please ask that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes in answer to today’s prayers.

Praised be Jesus Christ!