As you might know, St. Paul Street Evangelization has a group of dedicated volunteers called regional missionaries. For those of you who are unfamiliar, these men and women are located all across the U.S., and essentially are leader evangelists that are similar to a team leader, but with more responsibilities. Although they do evangelize with teams, they also mentor new team leaders and members, coordinate events between teams, and help with a variety of other efforts based on their personal gifts. Today’s story shares a little bit of how they’ve tackled the tough challenge of staying involved in evangelization and related activities over these past several months.


The following report comes to us from regional missionary Dr. Deb with our team in Owatonna, MN:
Since January, our Regional Missionaries (RMs) have put in close to 1000 man hours evangelizing, networking, giving talks, working with local teams, or other related efforts. While the number of hours our RMs have spent evangelizing is down (which is completely understandable due to the Coronavirus), they are still plugging away on a variety of other associated tasks. Some have watched (or plan to) the “Calling for Prayer” webinar and pursued opportunities for implementing it in their own parishes.
On an individual level, one RM went door to door and left material about parish activities and resources available to help parishioners in need. Another RM has been “evangelizing with his First Communion students/parents and Confirmation students/parents.” And yet another RM (a teacher by profession) has been working from home and trying to evangelize with her students and the parents of her students.
Praised be Jesus Christ!
NOTE: this photo was taken at a training event before the pandemic