Rochester Hills, MI. Slowly and cautiously, America is starting to re-open. This means that we, as evangelists, need to start considering how we will approach sharing the gospel once the opportunity arises. Today’s evangelist chose to share the love of our Lord’s mother with a drive-thru worker. Certainly not ideal for taking time to share the kerygma, asking questions of one’s faith journey, etc. But we must take any opportunity given to share Our Lord’s love, even if it is limited by our present circumstances.


The following report comes to us from evangelist Michael with our SPSE National team in Warren, MI:
Before work began on Monday morning, I decided to go get a coffee from McDonald’s. But before I left, I grabbed a Miraculous Medal on a chain just in case an opportunity arose to evangelize one of the drive-thru workers. I pulled up to the giant illuminated menu and placed my order. As I pulled ahead to pay, I hoped for a chance to give the cashier a medal. But alas, the transaction happened so quickly, it wasn’t meant to be. Plus there were cars waiting behind me. So I pulled ahead to get my coffee.
The woman handed me a large soft drink (it was early, so I cut her some slack), so I told her I’d ordered a coffee. As she went to grab the coffee, I seized the opportunity to give her a Miraculous Medal on a chain and the accompanying card. I explained to the drive-thru worker that it was a medal of the Virgin Mary, and that Our Lady would protect her. The woman held the medal and examined it. She didn’t respond with words, but made a positive, affirmative sound. Since the line behind me was waiting for their food, I wished her well and pulled away. We likely won’t know what kind of impact this small gift will have on her, but we can pray that it will somehow help her grow in relationship with Our Lady.
Praised be Jesus Christ!