Lansing, MI. In today’s story we see an unexpected opportunity to share the gospel. While it certainly wasn’t ideal under the current COVID-19 restrictions, our evangelist did the best he could when faced with a woman in trouble. It should also be mentioned that as an evangelist, it is usually not advised to allow strangers into your car unless you know and trust the person.


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The following report comes to us from evangelist David with our team in Lansing, MI:

Recently God gave me a word that I was going to meet a woman to evangelize. I thought it would happen if we went out this weekend, but I believe that encounter happened this morning. While driving to work, a woman came running up to my window asking for help. She said that her boyfriend had just kicked her out of their hotel room and he was leaving to go do drugs. Right then I knew God brought me to her. She asked if I could take her to the bus station, so I opened the door. She started to cry, but thanked me and said she was blessed that I let her in. I said I am a Christian and that is what God would want me to do. She said that she was a Christian, and started relaying how she didn’t understand why her boyfriend was doing this and about trying to have a baby together. I just listened to her story and let her just vent. She asked if I could stay and talk with her, but unfortunately I had to get to my job. (Don’t know if that was right, but I have to respect my employer too.) So we arrive at the bus station, and she asks me to pray for her. So I prayed over her, reassuring her that she is God’s daughter, and that he loves her unconditionally, and he will never leave her in her trials through this life, that maybe this was a sign to leave her boyfriend and trust God. It was powerful and I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence.

After prayer, I gave her a Miraculous Medal and explained what it was, and to wear it and she would be blessed. She put it on right away and thanked me again. Thank God I always carry a pouch with Miraculous Medals in it. She wanted me to contact her later, so she wrote down a phone number and her name(“Marla”). We said our goodbyes and watched her get out of my van and onto a bus. I drove to work just in awe of how God uses us if we just stop and listen! Powerful day and encounter. God is the greatest, so great that sent his only Son, not to condemn us but to save us!

Praised be Jesus Christ!