San Diego, CA. Slowly but surely SPSE is starting to get back out there and share the gospel with others. Today’s story features our Central San Diego SPSE team setting up outside of a Walmart. They wore their masks in respect of regulations. Come Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of thy faithful, and please awaken those who do not know You and Your goodness!


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The following report comes to us from Reggie, evangelist and Regional Missionary in San Diego, CA:

Praise God Almighty! We went out today on the Eve of Pentecost to Street Evangelize by setting up a prayer station outside of Walmart on Murphy Canyon Rd. Alleluia, what an amazing experience to share God’s Love, Hope and Salvation. Laura came out along with Katie and Ron, who was there first time street evangelizing. It was such a blessing, we got to pray for a handful of people.

One of the first persons we prayed for was a guy who had lower back pain, a 9 out of 10. After praying for him, we asked him to test it out and he said the pain was gone. Praise the Lord. Katie is 7 months pregnant, and she was on fire with the Holy Spirit. Here is a picture of her praying for a woman who wanted God’s help to stay sober. Alleluia. There are so many more stories, you’ll just have to come out with us next time.

Praised be Jesus Christ!