Atlanta, GA. It’s wonderful when two people of different faiths can talk honestly about their differences. Such was the case in today’s story. PLEASE NOTE: This story took place around February 10th before the COVID-19 virus started spreading, which is why our evangelist is out freely speaking with people. Also, it should be noted that while the photo shown is the evangelist in the story, it is from a previous outing.


The following report comes to use from team leader Clarence with our team in Atlanta, GA:
Amos, a Mormon student from a local college, stopped by our table. “Free rosaries!”, I exclaimed. He responded, “I am of a different faith.” Smiling, I quipped, “How do you know what faith I am? Is it the rosaries?” This broke the ice, so I asked Amos about his beliefs and he asked about mine. Then I threw out a challenge: “Should I join your church or should you join mine?” Amos laughed and added, “I think both of us have a preference, but…always worth discussing.”
I didn’t bully or knock Amos over the head, but gently pointed out inconsistencies with Mormon beliefs. I read up on the Mormons so I can lovingly guide them into the one, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church. So first I challenged him on some points, like the Book of Mormon having revelation after the death of the last apostle, which makes it private revelation. Then I told him where he can find Truth with a Capital T. “Christ gave us a Church established with the original twelve apostles and that’s the Catholic Church. It started with the twelve apostles and Christ gave them ministerial gifts, and one of them is to protect the Truth. This gift is not in your church. In my church this gift is present to protect the Truth, the essence of what the apostles gave us for our salvation.” I also admitted that I need shepherding because of my fallen nature, and the Catholic church provides me with that. They’ve also shepherded us through the Truths they’ve preserved from Jesus and the Apostles.
Finally, I asked, “See you at church on Sunday?” Amos laughed, responding, “Probably not. But I hope I will see you around. If I do, I will stop by. It was terrific.” He’s been challenged to think about his own beliefs. But not by shouts from a bullhorn or put-downs of Mormons or their beliefs. As Amos says goodbye, he tells Clarence: “You taught me about things I didn’t know. I enjoyed talking to you, a practicing Catholic, informing me about your Catholic faith, which I find invigorating.” Unexpectedly, in a moment of God’s choosing, Amos has met with Catholic Truth. And one day the seeds planted this day may bring forth a blossoming of conversion and faith.
Praised be Jesus Christ!