Bloomington, IN. Today’s story comes from our SPSE president and founder, Steve Dawson. In difficult times like these, it helps to have an example set from our leadership that it’s safe to go back out into the public and evangelize again. The world is hurting and needs the Lord more than ever, so if you are able, we encourage you to set up a time to once again hit the streets!


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The following report comes to us from evangelist Steve from our national office team:

I was doing some traveling in Bloomington, Indiana, and decided to set up a makeshift evangelization display inside a farmers market. Had a lot of really great conversations. Most people had no hesitation of walking up to the table and talking. I just want to encourage teams to get back out there (and of course follow local laws and CDC guidelines) when team members feel comfortable.

My best conversation was with Tom. He’s an Army veteran and an Episcopalian. I got to talk to him about the history of the Catholic Church versus the history of Episcopalianism which came out of Anglicanism. Tom was a history buff so he was interested in the conversation. He ended up taking a few pamphlets on the Catholic faith and also a Miraculous Medal and a rosary.

Praised be Jesus Christ!