Dallas, TX. God has created each of us, and we are unique and unrepeatable. Some of us are touched through the intellect, others through seeing something beautiful, while still others are moved by a kind gesture. Today’s evangelist was able to engage a Muslim waiter through the intellect (specifically by giving him a book) and hopefully move him towards conversion to the one true faith. It’s important to know the person we’re speaking to and what moves them before we choose how to evangelize them.


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The following report comes to us from evangelist Randy, the leader of our Uptown team in Dallas, TX:

Today at lunch I gave a book to a young waiter that I’d talked to the day before. I was reading yesterday while eating, and my server came by and commented that he needed to read more and not have so much screen time. I told him to read only the best things and not waste his precious time on worthless things. I told him I would bring him a book today.

I kept my promise and brought him โ€œYes, There is a Godโ€ by Dr. John Bergsma. It turns out my waiter is Muslim. I told him a little about the book and promised to do my best to answer any questions he might have as he reads it. He already had a lot of questions. He seemed excited and eager to learn. Silently, I committed him to Mary and asked spiritual protection for him and the gift of faith.

Praised be Jesus Christ!