Boise, ID. There is at this very tumultuous time in our history, a certain hunger for peace. Thankfully prayer, especially the Rosary, can be a great way to attain that peace and to commune with Our Lord. Today’s story features a team that handed out 10-15 rosaries on a recent afternoon, and hopefully those who accepted the sacramental will gain peace from praying it.


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The following report comes to us from Lucy, the leader of our team in Boise, ID:

Two evangelists were available today, Chuck and Lucy. As we set up, we noticed the park’s fountain was running again…the first time since Labor Day. Children played in the water, while other people biked through it, or sat and visited at nearby picnic tables. The weather was pleasant and people were generally cheerful.

Two men, early-to-mid-30s, accepted our offer of a free Rosary. One, stage-named “Watermelon”, showed us a promotional photo of himself. Neither man seemed to have a current religious affiliation, but were familiar with Christianity from sometime in their past. They each accepted a rosary and its booklet. When evangelist Lucy mentioned to one that people found protection and an unexplained experience of peace when they prayed the Rosary, he became enthusiastic about trying it.

A woman, perhaps late 30s, came to our table dripping wet from the fountain. When she learned of the power in praying the Rosary, she asked for a second one for her brother “who struggles with addiction.” Lucy encouraged her to pray it together with him, while Chuck encouraged her to also pray it for him.

Two adult men on bikes circled back for a Rosary. They were not familiar with the Rosary, but knew and loved Jesus Christ. They became interested in praying the Rosary when they saw how the Mysteries focused on Him. (This encounter left Lucy with “God bumps”.)

Praised be Jesus Christ!