Warren, MI. Radiating the joy of Christ in these days of anger, doubt, and fear helps others know that He is real. In today’s story, our evangelist shows his confidence in God and the joy that comes from a relationship with Him. This makes an impression on the man he is speaking with. May all SPSE evangelists not just share the facts of God with people they encounter, but the true joy of knowing Him.


The following report comes to us from Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:
I was at the gas station getting gas, and a man passed by and made the comment “the bathroom is flooded. Things are going to h*ll!” I turned towards him and said “Well, things can only get better, right?” He responded, “No, they can’t”, and began to list many of the serious problems in the world today. I reminded him that God is in charge, so everything will be OK. He agreed, saying, “Yes, that’s what the world needs. There’s so much evil and people are not living as if He existed.”
We walked back to my car, and chatted more about his life and good vs. evil. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said yes. We continued to talk and that’s when I mentioned, “Hey, you know God, but do you know Jesus?” He said, “Well, a little.” I said, “I pray that you come to know him better because he is awesome!” He responded, “That’s probably why you seem so happy compared to all the other people out here.” That filled me with joy, and although I didn’t get to go any deeper we both blessed each other and we were on our way.
Praised be Jesus Christ!