La Jolla, CA. La Jolla is a seaside city located just north of San Diego, where our evangelists set up to share their faith with beachgoers. No team exists here just yet, but we’re hoping one of our new evangelists decides to start up a team there soon.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Reggie Puertellano and our Central San Diego SPSE team:

Great time beach evangelizing at La Jolla shores. Checking out a new spot for the summer and training two new people in street evangelizing. What a great and beautiful day, where we prayed with a few people and got a feel for the area. I even brought my guitar and played some music to brighten spirits.

The following Friday (the eve of the 4th of July) it was even better because we got to pray with more people that day. People love the beauty of the beach and water, but we hope to bring them the greatest beauty there is…Jesus Christ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!