Gaithersburg, MD. What a joy to see someone whom we’ve evangelized become Catholic! Today’s story features a woman who, after an initial encounter four years ago, recently entered into the Catholic Church. Thanks be to God!


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The following report comes to us from team leader Nancy who heads up our team in Gaithersburg, MD:

About four years ago, Joanne (the original SPSE Gaithersburg Chapter Leader) had met a sweet lady named Lisa at the Lake Forest Bus Metro. She spent a good deal of time with her. At that time I was joining the SPSE chapter and learning how to evangelize. When Joanne left to get married and moved to the Midwest, I took the chapter over and started befriending Lisa.

To make a long story short, Lisa entered RCIA last September 2019 and stuck it out during this crazy pandemic. She was received into the church last Sunday and is extremely happy! It is so wonderful to see how faithful God is in drawing people to Himself and bringing them into His church.

Praised be Jesus Christ!