Rochester, NY. Rochester’s Public Market has been running since 1905, and is normally open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, year-round. Of course, the COVID virus has changed things a bit, but our evangelists in Rochester decided it was time to get back out there and share the good news.


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The following report comes to us from evangelists Jim and Karen with our team in Rochester, NY:

Even with masking requirements, we can still share the Good News of Jesus Christ & His Church! Both myself and Jim headed out to the Rochester Public Market to hand out pamphlets (“What About Mary”, “How To Pray the Rosary, etc.), rosaries, copies of the Gospel According to Luke, and answer any questions people might have. We set up right near the parking lot on a small patch of grass, which was all the space we really needed.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thanks to all of our teams that have decided to take the good news to the streets again (with the proper precautions, of course). We hope more and more SPSE teams will follow the example of Jim and Karen in Rochester, and get back out to evangelize.