Rochester Hills, MI. A woman and her daughter had left the faith, but our evangelists found out why and encouraged them to return. Please keep them in your prayers!


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The following report comes to us from evangelist Arianna with our team in Rochester, MI:

As two women walked near our table for the second time, Beth kindly asked if they’d like a red, white, and blue rosary while she also invited them to join us in praying for our country. Their names were Tina and Mary. Tina was a young woman and Mary appeared to be her mother. Tina mentioned she is no longer Catholic, but non-denominational. Beth asked her why she left, which we learned was because of doctrinal differences. Tina said the intercession of Saints was one idea she didn’t agree with, to which Beth replied, “Do you ever ask your friends to pray for you or vice versa?” When Tina nodded, Beth explained how it’s the same thing as when we ask the Saints to pray for us.

Mary then revealed she felt guilty going back to the Catholic Church since her divorce, and how she feels unworthy. But we pleaded with her to run to Jesus, and how He is calling her to come back home. We emphasized the instant power of confession, and the wisdom of a good welcoming and energetic priest that could give her the guidance she needs. They accepted our willingness to pray for them, for their peace, renewal, and to be led on the path which Jesus has chosen for them.

Tonight was truly incredible. So many powerful encounters and group prayers. Many visitors were receptive to us praying for them tonight. From Mary (mentioned above), to Dave who has prostate cancer, and the other regular visitor whose brother was just diagnosed with cancer. People want help through the power of God. Thanks Beth and Dave for leading those prayers and being able to give answers to those who questioned us.

Praised be Jesus Christ!