San Diego, CA. To be able to bring God’s peace to another soul who is feeling so lost is such a gift to our evangelists (as much, if not more of a gift than it ito the person). Today’s story features one of these blessed instances.


The following report comes to us from regional missionary Reggie and the Central San Diego SPSE team:
It was another beautiful Saturday morning at Balboa Park sharing the gospel with St. Paul Evangelization. We were grateful to have spoken with and prayed for a couple of people, especially since the park was so empty (post-quarantine). One of the great encounters I had was towards the end with this young man in his 20s who came up slightly shaking and asking for prayer. I asked him what was going on and what he needed prayer for. He recently lost someone, got into an argument with a family, and was recently jumped. He had a lot going on and I could tell he was deeply troubled. We got to pray for him and afterward his whole demeanor changed and you could tell he experienced God’s peace. I then got to share with him the Gospel, and then gave a New Testament part of the Bible and encouraged him to get to know God through his scripture and prayer. I invited him to come to my parish and got his contact to follow up with him.
Those great “God encounters” when we evangelize will fuel you for the next 1,000 rejections. It is really a great joy to share the Gospel, yet also humbling that the Lord would use me, a poor sinner, unworthy and unfit for such a task. If you’re interested in learning how to evangelize, we can train you. Feel free to reach out to me.
Praised be Jesus Christ!