Warren, MI. Today’s story shows the power of an encouraging word. Our evangelist reminded a woman who was greatly struggling after losing her father-in-law to COVID that the cross is an image of love. He also gave her a rosary and pamphlet in hopes that it would continue to give her peace through praying it after they parted ways.


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The following report comes to us from Br. John from our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

I recently went to the thrift store to pick up a shirt. A man came over and shared some encouraging words – “Yeah it’ll look nice on you!” I thanked him and returned the compliment, telling him I liked his army shirt. We then talked about his service in the military and blessed each other. As I went back to shopping I prepared a Miraculous Medal for him. He came by again and asked what I do for a living. I replied that I was a missionary, which led into conversation about God and faith. I gave him the Miraculous Medal and he knew it had the Virgin Mary on it. I gave a brief description with a medal and gospel card and we blessed each other again and parted.

By this time I was so filled with God’s joy. As I passed another worker I told her that God loves what she does and loves her. She gave a great big smile and said appreciatively, “Thank you so much for that. He loves you too!”

When I went to the cashier I noticed a nearby lady was crying. I asked the cashier about this and she said that the woman had just learned her father-in-law passed away. I went over to her and asked what happened. Her name was Anna and she explained that her father-in-law had COVID-19 and was in a coma. I said I was so sorry and asked if I could pray for her. She said yes and I prayed in Jesus’ name for peace and consolation for Anna and her father-in-law. She was so thankful. At the same time, the cashier came over and was agreeing with my prayers and encouraging Anna of God’s love and mercy. She was so overcome with grief that she was afraid of losing her job. I spent a few more moments consoling her, giving her the only card I had left (a gospel card) and explained how the crucifix is not a frightful image but the greatest image of love and she understood. I paid for my shirt and talked to the cashier a little more about the love, truth, and mercy of God. When I went back to my car I grabbed a rosary and a rosary pamphlet, went back in, and gave them to the cashier to give to Anna. Upon going back to my car, Anna came out and I was able to explain to her the power of the Rosary and how consoling it is in times like these. She was so thankful and we blessed each other again as she left for the day.

Praised be Jesus Christ!