Rochester, MN. While there is need for our SPSE team’s presence almost everywhere, hospitals are certainly a place where people are in need of immediate prayer. Which is why our team set up shop right outside the Mayo Clinic.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Deb from our team in Owatonna, MN:

Today was our first time out on the streets in quite a while. Team members from several different teams and one of our parish priests, Father Jim, went to the Peace Plaza in Rochester, MN to be available for prayer and to evangelize. The Peace Plaza is located right outside the Mayo Clinic, so there are often many people looking for prayer. To get ready to evangelize with care for those that are worried about the pandemic, we packaged up medals, chains, and a holy card into small, clear bags to bring with us. We also packaged rosaries with a How to Pray the Rosary brochure. Father Jim came prepared to hear confessions, although no one requested it this time.

We were able to speak to many people (through our masks) and social distance at the same time. A few workers keeping the Plaza clean came up for a bless St. Michael package and we prayed for one who asked for prayers for his fiancé and his children. Those two told their coworkers about their experience with us and several more came over for prayer and a medal. Another man asked for a rosary and also asked for prayer. He said instead of prayers for himself, he wanted prayers for people that he is upset with and doesn’t agree with. Father spoke to him about what a great sacrifice to offer for others and how if we pray for people, we soon find ourselves softened toward them, with the Lord’s help. One man said he wished his wife was there because she was Catholic and he was Atheist. We asked him to tell us about that, but he was on his way to an appointment at the clinic, so couldn’t stay and talk.

We heard many stories from people about why they were at the clinic and took many prayer requests. While it was a bit challenging to try to smile and be inviting with a mask on, it was a blessing it was to be out again and to witness to God’s love for people. Father Jim made the comment that it would be wonderful if we could have this same witness in all of the communities. Of course, at St. Paul Evangelization Institute, that’s our goal!

Praised be Jesus Christ!