Snellville, GA. Here is part one of our story, featuring a team who had recently returned to the streets after the quarantine had been lifted and they experienced great results.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Robert and the St. Oliver Plunkett team in Snellville, GA:

The St. Oliver’s SPSE team made its first appearance since the start of the pandemic. We welcomed a new member (Alex) who joined us for the first time. His energy and enthusiasm were immediately evident as he greeted all who passed by with words of faith. He waved at cars entering and leaving the market parking lot and by his witness, the smiles were definitely larger on the way out than on their way into the parking lot.

One of the first stories I remember was greeting a husband and wife going into the Farmer’s Market. When they came out, the man hollered to us “John 3 16!” We said, “Yes!” and, they came over to make small talk about loving Jesus. Next a lady came up to the table to talk to us, so we chatted for a little while telling her about SPSE and about St. Oliver Plunkett. She seemed interested in items on our table, so we talked about the pamphlets, medals and rosaries. When we told her she could have anything on our table she said she couldn’t take anything because she was Baptist and didn’t worship Mary. We said we didn’t worship Mary, but we do honor her as the mother of Jesus. Before she left, I offered her a pamphlet on praying the Rosary which she accepted.

Later on, a lady and her mom came to the table as they were heading to the market and asked what we were doing, so Alex told her about our group and finished by asking, “do you go to church, what church do you go to and where are you with Jesus?” At that time, we had some discussion about our church but she was anxious to get to the Farmer’s Market so her mom could sit for a while. She said she would talk to us on the way out, and she did indeed stop by later. So we started discussions on the Catholic church and invited her to come to Mass with us at St. Oliver Plunkett and gave her some material on the Catholic church. She said she would try to come to church and that she hoped to see us again so we can talk more.

Be it from the isolation of the pandemic, or the realization we need God in our life, the overall encounters of the day were a testimony for the purpose of SPSE and the need for us to be on the street proclaiming God’s word. The energy level was too high to be measured and the love through smiles and discussion were heartfelt. One may ask how do you see a smile through a mask? It is only through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, that allows the hidden smile to be seen. Perhaps this was a little miracle of the day.

Praised be Jesus Christ!