Snellville, GA. Here is part two of our story, featuring a team who had recently returned to the streets after the quarantine had been lifted and they experienced good results.

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The following report is a continuation from yesterday’s story and comes to us from team leader Robert and the St. Oliver Plunkett team in Snellville, GA:

After a hearty greeting from Alex, an elderly couple warmly greeted us on their way into the Farmer’s Market. They asked us what Church we were associated with and when we exclaimed St Oliver’s, through their enthusiasm, they proclaimed they too were from St Oliver’s. On their way out of the market, we jokingly asked if they were going to share their food purchases from the Farmer’s Market, at which point the husband politely told us no. At which we replied with a verse from the Bible for loving their neighbor – which could mean sharing, the wife joyfully expressed her pleasure of us sharing the Bible and our Faith and she let her husband know what our Catholic Faith teaches us. This was truly a witness of our Faith in action! I do not believe this was a charitable act, but if we had been serious, they would have shared their purchases with us out of true love.

A woman looked at us intently while she passed us on her way into the Market. During her return to her car, she crossed the street and approached us to ask what Church we belonged to. We let her know St. Oliver’s Catholic Church. She explained she was not Catholic but was a churchgoing Christian. She was grateful we were out and expressed how much this was needed due to the pandemic and how people felt lost and alone. She let us know her name was Jane and we introduced ourselves. She reached for her pocketbook and asked if we would accept a donation. Of course, SPSE does not accept donations on the street. However, it was a very touching expression of her Christian faith. She mentioned her church has not opened for services yet. We explained St. Oliver’s was conducting services within the pandemic guidelines and reservations were required. We let her know the Mass times, as she appeared interested in attending service. Particularly since her church was not open and she seemed to have a longing to worship God in a Church. Our hope is during the next time we visit the Market, Jane will visit us again and we may be able to introduce her to the beauty of our Catholic Mass.

Praised be Jesus Christ!