Pontiac, MI. Our Lord says He is present in the poor, so it can only be considered a blessing to serve them, as our team did in today’s story.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Anne with our Matchan soup kitchen team in Pontiac, MI:

Yes, two people can connect over anything they have in common. Marta, a 60 year old woman, approached our table smiling and saw the rosaries and small brand-new stuffed animals we were giving out. “Everything is free,” we said with smiles. It was a beautiful day, and a lovely summer breeze was blowing. Our Matchan Nutrition Center team in Pontiac was set up under a tree. We stood behind our tables to ensure that patrons felt safe approaching us. Marie told us she was a Christian and needed some prayer. It seems her unemployment check was held up. She shared that her employer (a restaurant) had to lay her off and she could not figure out why her check was delayed. We asked about her role there and she said rather shyly “I’m just the salad girl.” “JUST THE SALAD GIRL?! That is the best part of the meal! Give someone else that hunk of meat; I’ll take a good salad anytime.” She shot me a glance of appreciation and opened up a bit more about other needs in her family and was open to accepting a rosary. Our five minute interaction concluded with prayer.

We also spoke with Rick. He noticed our table while he was waiting in line for his bag lunch. His concern was housing and although he had access to a decent shelter, he was unhappy with the amount of time they were allowed to leave the facility each day (2 hrs). So he opted to ask friends and family for very short term help. He accepted our offer of prayer and was familiar with the Lord’s prayer so we concluded reciting it together. He was heard and we trust the good Lord that he felt loved.

Praised be Jesus Christ!